Never too late to start

Never too late to start

You spent the first half of your life or last couple of years as a “couch potato”, and think it’s too late for exercise to do any good? It’s just an excuse of your mind who probably felt in comfort zone. It’s never too late to start a regular routine. Many studies and real people stories are the proof. And so, I’m.

I was a “couch potato” in sense of not having any planned exercise routine, however I was moving a lot and doing a lot of things in one day and often at the same time.

Before you can give attention to something or somebody, you need to get a full “glass” of energy and love. Your body and mind need to be flexible to any kind of situation in your life. If I feel ok today because I’m still young it doesn’t mean it will long forever.

So, what’s the best way to approach exercise at this “lazy” phase of your life? For anyone who is returning to exercise after a long break I fully recommend starting slowly and gradually increasing duration and intensity. Try anything like walking, swimming, hiking, yoga, etc. which brings you pleasure and gets your heart and lungs pumping.

Don’t forget that your mind is very tricky. When you stop listening to your mind – this voice will start losing its power. Learn again – if you forget – how to listen to your heart. Learn how to identify the voice of your heart and mind. Sometimes it might sound similar. 🙂