Modern macramé

Modern macramé

Knotting—or macramé—is one of many crafts being revived by those who love working with their hands. Just like surface embroidery, quilting, and needlework are seeing a bump in popularity, macramé is being transformed from a 1970s relic into a hot, trendy art form.

A versatile form of fiber art, macramé can be used to make everything from wall hangings and plant hangers to jewelry, purses, and even clothing items. Using simple materials like cotton twine, jute, hemp, or yarn, macramé can be as simple or complex as the crafter would like.

Basic macramé knots

There are numerous knots used in macramé, but with even just a few basics you’ll be able to get started on your first project. By just learning the 3 basic knots (square, spiral and half hitch), you’ll be able to create many gorgeous macramé.

Here are some easy macrame tutorials and patterns for beginners.

Supplies for macramé

To make macramé you need cords and a hoop to attach your cords onto. Luckily there are plenty of colorful cords and hoops to choose from such Bobbiny, Yarnart, Lovely Cottons. Also you need some accessories which you can easily buy on Amazon, AliExpress, Etsy, and one of my favorite local store Manumi.

My favorite macramé cords are by a brand Veľká Vlna – made here in Slovakia. Their cords are super soft, easy to work with, and come in countless amazing colors.

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