MeinBrain The educational institute located in Germany brings innovative learning methods for children from the early age. The management and stuff are passionate about mathematics and natural sciences what they transfert to their children or pupils. What was once a vision is now a reality. Kids who enjoy math, numbers are learning. MeinBrain takes it […]


Szomraky Winery The family business involved in viticulture and winemaking for generations. Their vineyards deliver a high-quality Slovak product in its pure and healthy essence. They grow the grapes in a close harmony with the soil, vegetation and animals and primely focus on ecology and environment.

Szomraky Winery

Pivnica u zlatej husi The restaurant located in Slovakia in Slovenský Grob offers to its customers a great gastronomic experience. They serve goose specialties and other traditional and modern dishes since 1973.

Pivnica u zlatej husi

Tina Cafe Family roastery and packing house installed in south of Slovakia. It has been opened because of big love for coffee. In addition to enjoying roasting and selling coffee, they also prepare and package other agricultural crops.

Tina Cafe