The power of crystals

The power of crystals

Gemstones and crystals, which belong to the mineral kingdom, are one and the same thing. What is important to know is that gemstones and crystals each have own special energy vibrations.

Crystals are as old as our planet. They have been around since the beginning of time, so they have recorded in them, all of mankind’s history. They have captured within them, the struggles, failings, and triumphs of humanity, and that is the source of the strong energy that they radiate.

Gemstones, on the other hand, have also been around from the very start. Their vibrations are a product of the walls of the earth in which they can generally be found. Gemstones have meanings that are based on your month of birth, and each of the twelve months are associated with a lucky gemstone.

The Mystical Properties Of Crystals

A crystal is known to heal troubled spiritual and emotional conditions. That is why the crystals that you own don’t look the same forever. Crystals change, according to the moods being experienced by their owners. You and your crystal have a special relationship. Your crystal can help you stay healthy, because it can aid you in regulating your emotions. Your crystal can also soothe certain physical symptoms that you may be experiencing.

The Mystical Properties of Gemstones

Also known as birthstones, your gemstones are in step with your personality and vibrations. Identifying which gemstone you should be carrying around for luck is easy, because your birth month determines your gemstone.

Find your birthstone from the list below:

• January – Garnet
• February – Amethyst
• March – Aquamarine
• April – Diamond
• May – Emerald
• June – Pearl
• July – Ruby
• August –Peridot
• September – Sapphire
• October – Opal
• November – Topaz
• December – Turquoise

By working with different gemstones and crystals, wearing or carrying the stone associated with your month will help increase your positive energy, offer you deep protection, and help attract abundance into your life. Gemstones and crystals are gifts that have been given to use by mother earth.