3NERGENCE1 The Canadian company located in Montreal. It has been created from an inspiration and need to improve the lot of our planet. One day LEDs will no longer be seen as electronic clocks but as the reference. The products consist of high-power LEDs, the F.L.E.rd technology that will eventually replace neon, compact fluorescent, and […]


Pivnica u zlatej husi The restaurant located in Slovakia in Slovenský Grob offers to its customers a great gastronomic experience. They serve goose specialties and other traditional and modern dishes since 1973.

Pivnica u zlatej husi

CoffeeTech The Slovak company with more than ten years of experience. It’s an authorized coffee machine servise located in the capital city. They have got unbeatable best prices for service, professionally trained staff, high quality and freshly roasted coffee, free pick-up and delivery, and much more.