Print Design

Print design appears on printed media like business cards, billboards or brochures rather than digital space like website. Just like digital design, the goal of print design is to use visual graphics to communicate a specific message to your customer. Print designer must always be aware of the resolution of the design to ensure that it prints at the highest quality. Not everything is Photoshop® in the world of print. Need to master Adobe Illustrator® for large-format print (vector) pieces and Adobe InDesign® for text-heavy layouts like books or magazines.

What are the types of print design?

  • Business / Brochures / Posters / Menus / Banners / Billboards / Branded packaging, labels and shopping bags / Book covers and interiors / Magazines and newspapers / Stationery / Calendars / Greeting cards and invitations

Until everyone can digitally project everything, print will still be needed!

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